Catalan Federation of Entities Against Cancer (FECEC)

It is a second level organization that groups the main organizations that work to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. There are 14 entities included. At the moment AFANOC is a Treasurer of the Federation, is an active member of the Working Group of Volunteering Coordinators and we are members of the Council of Association and Volunteering in Catalonia.

Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social (FCVS)

It is a network of entities that work for the promotion, promotion and recognition of social volunteering. There are about 300 entities. From the different AFANOC headquarters, we are part of the Health Commission and we attend the coordinating meetings of Entities monthly.

COCEMFE Catalunya

Spanish Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disability: It is an entity that represents the sector of physical and organic disability in Catalonia. The Francesc Layret-Cocemfe Barcelona Federation and the Mestral-Cocemfe Tarragona Federation strive to achieve the full normalization of people with disabilities. We attend the annual assemblies, the boards of directors and the specific acts that you organize, and we coordinate for the grants that the Fundación Once awards and work together for the group.

Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona

The development of a shared strategy is promoted, a roadmap that compromises institutions and social entities to work together towards a more inclusive Barcelona to deal with the social aspects of the crisis. There are 600 entities from Barcelona. We attend the quarterly meetings of coordination between the entities.

Children's Rights Network

Network of action between entities that work on childhood issues, with the general objective of promoting and defending the development of the universal rights of children in the city of Barcelona. Formed by 23 entities. We participate in the work meetings and in the organization of the annual network day.

Network for the Support to Caring Families of Barcelona

It is intended to help families who care for people affected by illnesses, information and advice from attentive listening, to spread their rights, to make health and social policies aware of them, to connect them with the professionals , and, to sensitize the society on the work they do. Formed by 19 entities. We participate in the work meetings and in the meetings that are organized.

Support Network for Caring Families of Tarragona

It is a work space that brings together all public entities and services that have an impact on the care of dependent people and their family members of Tarragona. Formed by 35 entities. We participate in the workshops that are organized and we participate in the work group of the volunteering committee.

Working Group of Families of the Municipal Council of Social Welfare of Barcelona

It aims to analyze and elaborate proposals and suggestions, raising them to the municipal government team to improve the social welfare and quality of life policies of the city. Formed by 29 members. Every year we work on a specific topic. The last one has been about "Orientation to families in everyday life: childhood, adolescence, madurescence and aging" throughout the year.

Spanish Federation of Fathers of Children with Cancer (FEPNC)

It is an entity that coordinates all the member entities, all founded and presided over by voluntary parents affected by the childhood cancer that represents the group before the institutions and society with the aim of moving their problems and finding solutions. It is made up of 18 entities. We are a collaborating association through an agreement signed in 2011. We are members of the Health Commission and collaborate mainly in communication campaigns.

FESALUT (Federation of Health Entities) - Lleida

It aims to coordinate and carry out health promotion activities and improve the quality of life of the people that are part of the associations at the level personal, social, labor and healthcare. Formed by 26 entities. We offer meeting places whenever we need it, they disseminate our events and participate in the Health Entities Fair and the Christmas party. An agreement was signed in 2013.

Ethical Code of the Barcelona Associations

It is an advisory, conduct and self-regulation tool that collects all those premises so that associations that work within a range of civic values are reflected.

Physical Disability Observatory

The ODF works to deepen and generate knowledge about the disability to guarantee the rights of the group they represent and put on the political agenda the inclusion of people with disabilities from the difference, focusing on universal accessibility and the culture of capabilities.

Platform for Children of Catalonia PINCAT

In February 2012, the resolution authorizing the AFANOC to approve the grants for living and living expenses, established in the CatSalut Instruction 06/2010, was approved by parents who are resident in Catalonia with a right recognized for public health care that must receive care outside the region of residence where they are housed at La Casa dels Xuklis, as well as the authorization regime and the procedure for processing