The statutes of AFANOC were passed on December 19, 1987 by the founding members and inscribed in the Registry of Associations of Barcelona on April 28, 1988. They have been renewed in 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006 and adapted to the Law 4/2008 of April 24, of the Third Book of Civil Code of Catalonia in 2012.
And they define, among other aspects, the primary goals of AFANOC:

  • To work to make the affective and educational development of children with cancer and their families the most suitable to their special circumstances and in general to undertake actions that tend to improve their quality of life.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the condition of children with cancer and that of their families, as much medically as psychologically, providing care, etc.
  • And to collaborate toward improving knowledge of these illnesses and their treatments.

The association is legally based in Barcelona and its functions are carried out primarily in Catalonia.
Any person, either physical or legal, who is interested in the goals of the association can freely and voluntarily form part of it.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is a sovereign body of the association, its members form part of it on their own right and inalienably. The members of the association, meeting at the legally constituted General Assembly, decide by majority the matters that are the Assembly’s responsibility. All members are subject to the agreements of the General Assembly, including those absent, those who disagree and those present who have abstained from voting. The General Assembly meets in an ordinary session at least once a year, within the first six months following the date of the end of the fiscal year.

The Board of Directors

The association is governed, administered and represented by the Board of Directors, which consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and trustees. These positions must be held by different people.
The election of the members of the Board of Directors, who must be associated and of legal age, is carried out by the vote of the General Assembly. The members of the Board of Directors exercise their positions without remuneration. The members of the Board of Directors exercise their posts for a period of three years, although they can be re-elected.
The full statutes can be consulted in the attached PDF

PDF statutes


Founding charter

On December 19, 1987, the Constitutional General Assembly was held at the auditorium of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déus in Esplugues de Llobregat, to found and constitute the Asociación de Familiares y Amigos de Niños Oncológicos de Cataluña (AFANOC). The statutes and first Board of Directors were approved.

PDF Founding Charter

Registry of the organization

On April 28, 1988, the association AFANOC was inscribed in the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat, and was given the number 9846 of the 1st Section of the Registry of Barcelona.

PDF Registry