The Entity's annual accounts are approved by the General Assembly.

As a Declared Public Utility Entity, we are accountable to the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya annually.

Annual budget

Members 50.000 2,88
Donations 246.700 14,20
Get Involved Events 180.000 10,36
Hosted Families 120.000 6,91
Subsidies from Generalitat of Catalonia 258.000 14,85
Subsidies from financial entities and private entities 190.000 10,93
Posa't la gorra! campaign 580.000 33,37
Merchandising 112.800 6,49
TOTAL INCOMES 1.737.500 100,00
Administration/Maintenance 309.700 17,82
Entity Projects 490.000 28,20
Hospitals Projects 147.440 8,49
Maintenance of Xuklis House 380.000 21,87
Awareness Campaigns 392.000 22,57
Various 18.360 1,05
TOTAL EXPENSES 1.737.500 100,00


Inventory heritage

AFANOC has a property of a local warehouse of 65m2 outside the enclosure of the House of the Xuklis, valued at 60,000 euros.

Contracts with Public Administration

AFANOC has no contract with the Public Administration.

Obligations with the Treasury and the Social Security

AFANOC is up to date with payment with the Treasury and the Social Security
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