Collaborating with us is a good exercise for your company

An alliance with AFANOC involves generating important results, both directly in our actions, and in the promotion of values, rights and duties, which we try to promote through our association of fathers and mothers with a child with cancer. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents with cancer and their families and we believe that it is everyone's duty to participate.
The professionals of AFANOC coordinate with the Public Administration - Social Services, CAPs, City Councils, CADs and schools, private entities and with the Associations of Children with Cancer throughout the Spanish State.

With your participation you are also giving added value to your company.

Local scope

Scope of local action, projected towards the outside

Collaborate with a local way of working, with care and maximum quality, but destined to an area of international action. Currently with our project "The House of the Xuklis", we are a benchmark at European level.
social recognition

Social Recognition

Affiliation of your image with many other collaborations, as well as by other companies, institutions and celebrities that collaborate habitually with us.
notoriety of your brand

Notoriety of your brand

We have great support from the media, in addition to the great response we received from civil society, sometimes reaching the participation of 15,000 people at our events...
Experience and transparency

Experience, humility and transparency

AFANOC has been offering totally free services for more than 20 years to those families that have a child or adolescent with cancer. The commitment that this gratuity implies accentuates our way of working, with total transparency and enough humility to keep growing during all this time.

How to collaborate

Social marketing

Social marketing

AFANOC can offer products to its customers, workers and suppliers, the benefit of which reverts to the Association.
Employee Motivation

Mobilization of employees and customers

The commitment between the company and AFANOC implies and offers workers the opportunity to participate in the company's social commitment. In addition, from AFANOC, we will support the initiatives of the workers and we will teach the specific results of their collaboration.
special campaigns

Special campaigns

The company can actively participate or promote specific activities and events for the benefit of our association, obtaining a good return at the image level.
cession of goods

Transfer of goods, material and/or services

Companies can collaborate with us by giving us goods, materials or services that can help us in the development of our services and projects.

This assignment may be in the form of assignment of personnel, advice, assignment of advertising space, child or family material, services for La Casa de Los Xuklis, professional or volunteer support to help us in the dissemination of our message.