Volunteers are our mainstay. More and more people wish to become directly involved and feel that the best way to contribute to the common good is by offering some of their free time to help others. This is why volunteers have become an indispensable part of our society.

At AFANOC, we are privileged to have a large team of people who voluntarily develop a complementary task alongside the professional team in order to offer a complete program of care for families.

These volunteers are present in a range of intervention spaces and the tasks they develop are important and necessary in each of them.


At the hospital

The primary function of the volunteer is to accompany, support, play, entertain and offer enjoyable activities to children and teenagers and their caregivers during the periods of hospitalization and outpatient visits.

The House of Xuklis

On afternoons from Monday to Friday, volunteers offer programmed activities and workshops to enrich the life of the families lodging at the house and provide some fresh air.

At home

Children and teenagers who return home after a stay at hospital are often unable to immediately resume the activities that previously formed part of their daily life (going to school, extracurricular activities, interaction with peers…). The presence and support of a volunteer helps them adjust again to normal life.

Actions and campaigns

Actions to raise awareness and make childhood cancer wider known. Participation in public actions, campaigns and events to make visible the work that AFANOC undertakes and to broaden the social and economic base of the association.

Administrative tasks

Work at the entity’s headquarters on tasks supporting the management and organization of the daily activities carried out by the association.