We are very familiar with the needs that often appear in this situation: Lodging, services, periodic economic support…

Along with the impact of the diagnosis comes a whole series of changes that can add more anguish and distress to what already exists given that the family must make some organizational changes, some of which are very basic, such as find lodging near the hospital (when the family lives outside Barcelona), consider the care of the other children, organize meals during stays at the hospital, or reconsider the work situation of the parents or adult caregivers.

The professionals at AFANOC coordinate with government services, social services, CAPs, city councils, schools, private organizations and with the childhood cancer associations throughout Spain.

Direct interventions are realized at the Onco-hematology Unit of the Hospital Maternoinfantil de Vall d’Hebron and at the Casa de los Xuklis, although we respond to all the requests we receive, always in coordination with the treatment teams.

  • • We receive families and assess what their priority needs are
  • • We provide all of the information the family may need regarding services (health, economic, social, work and educational)
  • • We monitor each family individually
  • • Letter of Children’s Rights

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Children's Rights Charter