During the illness, physical and emotional changes occur both to children and adolescents and their families.

Foot reflexology brings relaxation and a sense of well-being that helps to face all these changes. The person served feels welcomed and accompanied in the process. This fact alone is already a considerable help to face the disease.

All treatments are carried out with the consent of the child and his family, and are advised by the hospital's medical team and coordinated by the psycho-emotional support team of AFANOC.

Reflexotherapy is a manual therapy that is performed on the skin and tissues of the feet. Acts through all body systems, improving the regulatory functions of the body. It produces a feeling of well-being and placidity, because it reduces physical and nervous tension. The organism is in a better condition to function and that is how we can improve the quality of life.

This service is performed, since 2004, at the Hospital of San Juan de Dios, to the children admitted to the oncohematology plant and to the day hospital.