We accompany the families from the start of the illness and throughout the entire process.

When a child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, both the child and the family experience a blow that very significantly alters their life. They will have to live with a series of changes that will transform their daily dynamic: the unfamiliar healthcare setting, the complex language of the different health professionals, and, above all, the distancing from the familiar environment that, until now, has been their everyday life.

Faced with this new and stressful situation, aside from having the resources to deal with it, parents must very often confront doubts, express complex emotions, share fears and/or anxieties, in relation to everything that is happening: how to treat their sick child; how to manage the information with the rest of the children and family; how to live this difficult experience with one’s partner and as parents; what role should school play, etc.

Over the course of the illness, different stages must be passed through and must be managed according to the characteristics and circumstances of each family.

We provide direct care at the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu and at the Casa de los Xuklis, although we respond to all of the requests that reach us, always in coordination with the most appropriate treatment teams.

The family may require the help or guidance of the psychologist in one of the following stages:

- Diagnosis
- Hospitalization and treatment
- Referral, outpatient treatment or discharge
- Relapse with treatment until new remission
- Palliative care and death

Mourning, the type of intervention varies depending on the needs and demands, can be:

- Containment and emotional support
- Advice
- Therapy

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