How to access the Home of Xuklis

The recipients are mainly families from outside the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

Access to the Casa de los Xuklis is based on medical criteria, with the need for the family to be housed near the hospital in the city of Barcelona. The main profiles of the families that we welcome in the Casa de los Xuklis are the following:

  • Families that come from all over Catalonia, outside the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.
  • Families that come from the subtraction of the Spanish State.
  • Foreign families who come via International Cooperation.
  • Families derived from other Hospitals outside the Spanish State.

  • Other cases not reflected are assessed in the individual way taking into account social and medical criteria.

    The social worker values ​​each family in total coordination with the medical team and Social Work of the children's reference hospitals, and always in coordination with the Social Services, Primary Care Teams, Child Care Teams and Adolescence, Associations of children with cancer, town halls, etc ...

What are  the Xuklis?

The Xuklis are magical beings that can only be seen by children who are sick . The Xuklis have long "worked" at the children's oncology plants. They are a little shy and naughty but, from their childhood innocence, accompany and encourage them throughout the process they will live.



The House has common areas that allow the daily development of families to be carried out as normally as possible.

With these spaces, apart from the periods that each family allocates to the organization and planning, dialogue, the exchange of experiences and feelings are encouraged, the emotional lacks are verbalized and the problems or situations are put on the table lived by families.


The House of the Xuklis has 25 apartments of 30m 2 each. The accommodation capacity of these apartments is mainly for 4 people.

Each apartment has its own washbasin and a small terrace that communicates with the outside garden. All apartments have the necessary equipment so that the family can live and organize their day to day with maximum comfort and tranquility possible.