What is the Xuklis Festival - #rockpelsxuklis?

The Xuklis Festival is a musical event whose main objective is to collect funds for The House of the Xuklis . However, the project and the work that said entity must carry out will be disseminated and made known.

The Festival has been celebrating 7 outdoor editions in the Montbau neighborhood in springtime dates on a night outdoors music and free access, where the main The objective is to raise funds, mainly through the sale of the bar bar.
The bands invited to collaborate touch and participate in the project in a disinterested way, as well as the human and technical team that organizes the event.
This past December 28th we will celebrate the 1st winter edition of the Xuklis Festival in the Apolo room in Barcelona. In this way we add the Apolo room team who wanted to collaborate on the project and be part of the Xuklis family.

There is just one element, and very important, which is the audience that attends the Festival. For this reason, we invite you and encourage you to join us, let's be Xuklis for one night, and we all get the Festival to be A success of assistance and revenues.

A great way to help, collaborate and get involved while enjoying a night of rock and good music.

We await you! #rockpelsxuklis

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